The company
“MOVER MILL” is one of the largest and most modern grain-processing
enterprises of Ukraine.

    A fully automated factory grinds the wheat
into flour, semolina and bran. The Production capacity of the mill is 350 tons of grain per day,
which allows to produce 170 tons of higher grade and 90 tons of first grade
flour per day.

  A group of companies including “MOVER
MILL” has its own land, what gives the opportunity to provide the capacity of
the factory with their own raw materials, and as a result to get higher quality
of final products.

 The mill has the ability to produce highest
and first grade flour with improved quality indices and enriched flour.

The products are GMO free and certified according to FSSC / ISO 22000 /
ISO TC 2202. The quality meets the State standard of technical specifications
of Ukraine.

  We value collaboration and
partnerships.  The relationships with
each of our clients are based on an individual approach. We are proud of our ability
to offer high quality products with unique parameters, different types of
packaging and image of the logo according to the customer’s order.